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Are you thinking about designing and building a new Custom Home?
Have these questions entered your mind?

Will the lot I’m looking at work for the house I want to build?
Which Architect should I use to design my new home?
How much is my ideal home going to cost?

Start Here First….

Our Design-Build Program has a hand-held approach to designing and constructing the home of your dreams. Leave no stone unturned throughout the entire length of the process. We will handle everything related to the construction of your new home. You will have a complete understanding of all aspects that can affect the design and budget of your new home. Our process is turn-key. We can start from anywhere in the process. Whether it be helping you pick the correct lot, select the right Architect, to determining the final finishes. Our process will guarantee that your new home will be built on time, under budget and with no unexpected surprises.

We have a simple 4 step process:

1. Land Analysis

  1. Physically visit the lot and create and initial summary.
  2. Determine if the lot is sized correctly for the home you want to build.
  3. Determine the cost and amount of work needed to clear and grade the lot.
  4. Determine the topography of the lot and foresee all drainage issues.
  5. Determine the optimal placement of the house per your desires.
  6. Provide and schedule the first survey for the Architect.

2. Architect Selection and Design

  1. Provide (3) of our qualified Architect recommendations based on the style of home and the budget.
  2. Work directly with Architect to design home with your lifestyle and needs in mind.
  3. Work directly with Architect to keep total size of house and all finishes used in line with your budget.

3. Budget

  1. Identifying and finalizing all exterior materials and interior finishes for final pricing.
  2. Making recommendations to stay in line with your overall budget while still achieving the look you desire.
  3. Working with the Engineer and Architect to determine the most cost effective structural design possible.

4. Construction and Project Management

  1. Organizing all selections and schedules in our BuilderTrend project management software.
  2. Submitting plans and pulling all necessary Permitting Docs.
  3. Guaranteeing a spot in Contractor’s schedule.

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