Artistic Contractors is a company of newly emerging innovation in the construction industry. This company strives to design and build the most unique projects using artistic inspiration wherever it can be found. We take the time to sit down and listen to all of our client’s individual needs and most feasibly implement their dream projects based on their budget. We help our clients determine what the best applications are, which materials are most advantageous to use, and what construction concepts are best to achieve their goals.

Custom Home Design/Build
Our specialty is guiding clients through the entire design/build process from conception to completion, and collaborating with our team of designers and architects to design the home of your dreams. Not only do we construct the project, but we also design and manage it. This insures that the client can focus more on their needs, instead of having to juggle multiple facets of the construction industry. With Artistic, clients can feel confident that they are getting the most original design combined with the highest degree of quality.
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Remodeling & Renovations
At Artistic Contractors we offer a wide range of remodeling solutions. We do everything from totally remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms to making your home ready to sale. We can guide you through the remodeling process no matter how detailed-oriented or simple your project may be. We have many years of expert experience in procuring different materials from around the world and have applied all realms of architecture to our practice. Whether you are in the conceptual or planning phase, call Artistic today to maximize your project’s potential.
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Artistic Contractors is a Certified 203k Builder and Consultant. The purpose of a 203k streamlined mortgage is to provide the three portions of financing required for a fixer-upper in one step: initial financing, funds for repairs, and a long-term mortgage. The borrower only has to secure one loan to do all three as opposed to three separate loans. This can save a tremendous degree of hassle and eliminate the chance a borrower will have difficulty securing a long-term mortgage once the project is complete.
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