How to Avoid Dishonest Home Builder

It is a dream come true to build your own house. You get to pick and decide how it is to look, the features, rooms, the floor plan, and how it is laid out. It is very important to make sure that when your house is built, it is done accurately and correctly the first time. Some individuals chose to build their home by themselves or with help from family and friends. For those who must hire someone, it is important to know what to look for and how to avoid hiring a dishonest home builder.

A dishonest home builder may do the work for less but they cut corners and do things sloppy or not the correct way, resulting in more time and money being put into hiring another individual to come in and correct the problem. This can give those dishonest home builders a bad name, and a bad rep resulting in loss of income and jobs. When hiring a professional, there are things in which the home owners can look for.

  • Research builders in area
  • Look up builders name
  • Look for other homes
  • Check the Better Business Bureau for reviews
  • Ask for references
  • Do not feel pressured

When it is time to build your dream home, the first thing that should be done is to look on internet, ask around, look in phone book or ask other places for information on good, reliable builders in the area. This research will give the information needed for building that home. Next, once you think you have a builder picked out, look up their name. Look on google, social media, in a phone book, any place their name pops up. This will give you a lead to who they are and what kind of work they have done. Another great thing to do is look for other homes the builder has built or worked on previously. This can give a great idea to what work they do. If you can, ask the home owners questions like did the builder finish in time, or did he have any problems? This is getting the information fast, easy, and honestly. The Better Business Bureau also has a website that you can look up information on the builder. They can also be called and you may speak with someone about the builder as well. When interviewing the builder, it is also important to make sure he has references. This is a good way to ask others questions about the work that he does. Finally, one big thing to remember is do not let the builder make you feel pressured into hiring him or signing any paperwork. If you feel pressured into signing paperwork or into hiring him on the spot is a good indicator that something is not right.

It is also important that a builder knows his tools, such as a circular saw, hammer, ruler, nails, and so on. Any builder will be able to recognize, use, and have on hand the tools needed. When your dream comes true to build your house, always remember to do research, look up names, check with the BBB, ask for references, and never let them make you feel pressured when looking for the right builder. Be happy with what you have and be proud to call it yours.

Check this infographic about how to avoid dishonest home builder so that you can get some more idea visually –


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